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Voted on a straw in #1/4ly Report, 4C & Pres 27/1/2 for Doctor Care Anywhere Group PLC by mmff
16 hours ago
#1/4ly Report, 4C & Pres 27/1/2

Key Highlights

? Unaudited revenue totalled £11.6m in FY 2020, up 102% on FY 2019

? Unaudited revenue totalled £3.8m in 4Q 2020, up 151% on 4Q 2019

? Eligible Lives of 2.2m at end of 4Q 2020 up 186% on 4Q 2019

? Activated Lives at end 4Q 2020 up 199% on 4Q 2019

? Consultations for 4Q 2020 up 333% on 4Q 2019 ? Successful A$102m IPO on ASX on 4 December 2020

? Strong cash position of £38.4 million as at 31 December 2020

? New channel agreement with Allianz Partners embeds DOC into Allianz UK and European international private medical insurance policies from 1 January 2021 ? First international expansion completed with entry into Republic of Ireland

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Voted on a valuation for Northern Star Resources Limited by doktorspleen
16 hours ago
Valuation depends on how well the company can maintain growth without BB. Historical growth has been in the realm of about 8-12% from good management, and then a big acquisition every few years that has increased gold output by >40%. I suggest the investment thesis, of increasing gold mined by 10% by FY23. My gold mined forecast for the next 3 FYs is: FY21: 1.0Moz (Upper end of NST forecast) FY22: 1.6Moz (NST+SAR total ounces mined for FY21 - This is the big jump via acquisition) FY23: 1.76Moz (FY22+10%). This is the basis for the investment thesis. Assuming, gold price stays at current levels (also backed up by futures data, Jun22 = $2300 ~ same as now). A rough ball park on profitability is: FY21: NPAT = $477 - EPS 40c FY22: NPAT = $565 - EPS 49c FY23: NPAT = $621 - EPS 53c 50c is as good as any a forward EPS to base fair valuation on Average annual PE's from the past 5 years - Lowest - 11x = $5.50 - Buy price. Average - 22x = $11 - Fair value Highest - 34x = $17 - Sell price
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Voted on a valuation for Primewest Fund by RedMan
16 hours ago
Takeover bid // 19 04 21
Voted on a straw in #ASX Announcements for Sims Limited by jamieross
16 hours ago
#ASX Announcements

Profit update on increased volume and margins...  and they're handing back half their Job Keeper payments


Sims Limited (“Sims or the Company”) today announced that it is expecting Underlying EBIT for full year FY21 to be between $260 million and $310 million. The Company’s business divisions are performing strongly, and the key drivers of the forecasted earnings are: ? Proprietary intake volumes for Q3 FY21 have increased to around 95% of FY19 average monthly volumes, compared to 85% in 1H FY21; ? A general improvement in gross margin per tonne due to higher scrap prices, and good margin management; ? Continued achievement of annualised predominantly fixed cost savings in excess of $70 million in FY21 compared to FY19; and ? A significant contribution from SA Recycling driven by high scrap prices, particularly for zorba linked products, good intake volumes, and good margin management. Commenting on the forecast earnings, Alistair Field, CEO and Managing Director, said “It is pleasing to see the strong improvement in profitability driven by improved volumes, margin management, and achievement of targeted cost savings.” “While the short term outlook still has risks that could result in earnings volatility, in the medium term Sims is well positioned to benefit from global infrastructure spending, the need for countries and companies to reduce their carbon footprint from steel production to meet CO2 commitments, and the potential for China to import meaningful volumes of recycled ferrous products.” Risks to the forecasted FY21 result include: ? Disruption from COVID-19 to Sims’ facilities, and/or its suppliers’ facilities, and/or its customers’ facilities; ? Illiquid demand creating volatility in ferrous and non-ferrous prices; ? Supply chain disruptions; and ? Macroeconomic and geopolitical risk. The Company received $6.5 million from JobKeeper relating to FY20 and $7.5 million relating to FY21. Due to the rapid and significant financial improvement to date in FY21, Sims will be voluntarily returning $7.5 million to the Australian Government.

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Voted on a straw in #Business Model/Strategy for Orocobre Limited by MarkRicho
20 hours ago
#Business Model/Strategy

The merger of Orocobre and Galaxy will create a top 5 global lithium company with multiple synergies and expansion plans underway. With a combined $4 billion market cap, the merged company is expected to go into the ASX200 and could grow into the ASX100 with continued rising demand for lithium.

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