Forum Topics Question For Strawman Pls
2 weeks ago

Hi Strawman, what happens at the end of the financial year (June ending) is everybody allocated an additional hundred thousand dollars and all portfolio(s) are reset back to zero, or does the portfolio just continue to carry on, cheers.   enjoy the site ????


2 weeks ago

Hi Chalky1610.

Your balance just carries over, so there's no adjustment of any kind at the end of the financial year. Returns are just calculated since inception (annualised if >12m), as well as 3, 6 & 12 months rolling timeframes.

$100k is all users are ever given (although you can reset your portfolio at any time).  However, returns are always ranked on a % change basis,so even if you drop way back to (say) $1k, you can still rank well in subsequent periods if you do well from there.

Hope this helps.