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#AIR & ANO lodge CV-19 patent
Last edited 2 months ago

18-Mar-2020:  If anybody else has posted a straw about this, I haven't seen it.  Both ANO & AIR are currently suspended from trading, following a call on Monday for a trading halt, pending further details of a patent they have just filed for a novel (new) product or product range.

On Monday they talked about "a highly progressed opportunity regarding the development of Oral Care Products (New Products) which could prevent the coronavirus cells multiplying" , but by yesterday they had corrected that to:

“The patent is looking at a range of oral care products that could inhibit the replication of the novel coronavirus inside the cells of the oral cavity / mouth” 

So - slow down/inhibit - instead of stop/kill.  Still, that is certainly the sort of thing that DOES require a trading halt or suspension until they are in a position to provide further details (especially in THIS environment), so they've done the right thing for sure.  

Apparently, AstiVita (AIR) brought this to Advance NanoTek's (ANO's) attention, and they are approaching it as a joint venture or partnership, with the details of how that works being just one of the things they needed to iron out.  Lev, Geoff and Rade are all directors of both boards (ANO & AIR) with one additional director (Laurie Lefcourt) on the ANO board, so the companies are pretty much on the same page you would imagine.  Lev is the Chair of both companies.  

Similar announcements have been released by both AIR & ANO, but the full details of this opportunity will be released either after market today or some time tomorrow (I imagine) and they should both recommence trading after that release.

Looking forward to more details!

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#Business Update
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