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Added 4 months ago

29-Jan-2020:  Toll Revenue and Traffic Statistics - 4th Quarter 2019

Atlas Arteria (ALX, formerly Macquarie Atlas Roads) is engaged in investing in infrastructure assets in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD") and OECD equivalent countries; and non-infrastructure assets where ancillary to a major infrastructure investment but with the current focus on toll road investments, both greenfield and mature.

ALX is a global owner, operator and developer of toll roads, with a current portfolio of four toll roads in France, Germany and the United States.

ALX are up +29% over the past 12 month period, with their SP rising from $6.31 then to $8.14 now (as I type this, ALX having risen 14c - or +1.75% - today on the back of this report - from their $8.00 close yesterday). 

Their 5 year and 10 year charts are even MORE impressive, with a strong North East trend.  They're up +170% over 5 years (from $3.01 to $8.14), and up a whopping +944% over 10 years.  They were trading at only 78 cents 10 years ago.

Past performance can not be relied upon as an accurate indicator of future performance, but it's always worth having a look at.  If nothing else, it suggests that this is a company with superb management who have made very smart capital allocation decisions that have been in the best interests of their shareholders.

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