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Added 5 months ago

I was prompted by a futurephile friend of mine to look at this stock on the basis of David Sinclair's involvement. The fella in question has given me a few recommendations over the years which I ignored, and which ended up delivering insane returns, bitcoin at less than a couple of hundred, afterpay at nix, and others. I hadn't known Sinclair but do now, accept that he has his critics but have come to believe that he is one of Australia's legitimate marvels and have backed ATH on that basis. I grant that the stock has dropped 60% or so since Sinclair joined the board, and despite not generally being a punter, prefer to back a business that has the genuine interest of people at heart, over another that is dealing in dollars and cents only. This one is the rank outsider in a very conservative portfolio and likely the only stock that has my heart truly in it. Not a logical way to go, but there you have it.

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