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#4Q20 4C Update
Added 2 weeks ago

4Q20 4C:

Cash Receipts $2.48m (+86%). 

CFO -$963k;

FCF -$963k. 

Cash $8.3m

FY20 Cash Receipts of $9.96m (+84% yoy).  Market Cap of $101m. 

Currently trading at 10x FY20 Cash receipts.  However Cash receipts were +84% and 4Q20 was affected by Covid-19 delays.  Not cheap at the moment, but if this kind of growth continues then it will look cheap in a year or two.

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Added 4 months ago

8-Apr-2020:  Phillip Capital: BidEnergy (BID): Software as a Service (SaaS): March Quarterly Report: Starting to Hum - Revenue up +81% YTD

PC have raised their TP for BID from $1.26 to $1.40 and maintained their "BUY (High Risk)" call. BID is currently trading in the 70s (70c to 79c range), suggesting they could almost double if they were to reach Phillip Capital's Target Price of $1.40.

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Phillip Capital Client Note (update):  BidEnergy (BID)-Software as a Service:  Break-through contract with Origin Energy and FY19 Results 

  • Risk Rating: High
  • 24-mth Target Price (AUD): $1.90 (was $1.60)
  • Share Price (AUD): $0.625
  • 12-mth Price Range: $0.45 - $1.76
  • Forecast 12-mth Capital Growth: 204%
  • Forecast 12-mth Dividend Yield: 0.0%
  • 12-mth Total Shareholder Return: 204%
  • Market cap ($m): 72.2
  • Net debt (net cash) ($m)(Jun 19e): (4.2) [$4.2m net cash]
  • Enterprise Value ($m): 68.0
  • Gearing (Net Debt/ Equity): N/a – Net Cash
  • Shares on Issue (m): 115.5
  • Sector: Information Technology
  • Average Daily Value Traded ($): $387,000


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