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Below is taken from a broker analysis.  I came across it as SOL has taken a large position.  SOL invests conservatively so investing with them made me believe they're on to something.  I do too.  Infact, they are at the beginning of they're success story with climate change giving it tailwinds.

 Calix Limited (CXL) has developed a patent-protected, platform technology that produces new materials and processes, targeted at solving some significant global challenges. The core technology platform is a reinvention of the kiln process, which can produce high purity, high surface area products that have high levels of reactivity. Calix commercialises these new materials and processes via a variety of business models including direct sales of products, licensed distributor sales, and licensing of the technology. Calix is building a global business and has operations, customers or distribution partners across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and product trials starting in the United States of America.

ACTI-Mag   ACTI-Mag is a concentrated stabilised suspension of magnesium hydroxide, an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Mg(OH)2. Highly fluid, ACTI-Mag has proven to flow easily in most dosing systems. With a higher neutralising value per dry kilo when compared with caustic and lime and being significantly safer than other traditional alkalis, ACTI-Mag is a very cost competitive option for hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) control in sewers and industrial waste treatment as well as for several other applications including phosphorus and nitrogen removal from wastewater.

PROTECTA-Mag   PROTECTA-Mag is a concentrated, controlled viscosity, stabilised suspension of magnesium hydroxide liquid (MHL) with superior binding and curing properties to assist in forming fast, stable coatings. PROTECTA-Mag prevents corrosion by raising surface pH, thus neutralising and inhibiting the formation of acid producing bacteria. 

AQUA-Cal+   Calix has developed AQUA-Cal+ as a a safe, environmentally friendly water conditioner to directly address problems associated with intense aquaculture such as disease and pollution, and deliver improved feed performance and yield.

BOOSTER-Mag   BOOSTER-Mag is a safe, low cost, environmentally sustainable and easy-to-apply foliar spray that can improve productivity and natural resistance to pests and diseases. BOOSTER-Mag has been manufactured using Calix's proprietary mineral honeycomb magnesium oxide, a novel, nano-active material already demonstrating remarkable results in sewer and waste water, biogas, and aquaculture applications.

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