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Added 3 weeks ago

22-June-2020:  Further High Grade & Expanded Footprint at Hemi

DEG rose +9.4% today on the back of this.  This company is held by Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund according to their Portfolio Manager (PM), Ben Cleary, (see here, from about the 20 minute mark).  Ben likes them a lot.  I note that Regal Funds Management used to be substantial shareholders of DEG also, but are not, since mid-September.  However, DGO Gold (ASX: DGO) have been increasing their stake and now own 16.35% of DEG, and Regal own 17.13% of DGO. 

Have a look at the DGO chart - from 59 cents to $2.70 in 12 months (+358%).  

DEG (De Grey) haven't done too bad either - up +801% from 7.1c ($0.071) to 64 cents over the same 12 months.

No wonder Ben Cleary likes them!

These grades that DEG have reported today are NOT spectacular, but you don't need them to be, you just need to have consistently good results over a wide area, and that seems to be what De Grey are achieving.

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