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#Bull Case
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Safety in highly regulated and risky industries such as Mining, Construction and Manufacturing is constantly evolving.  These industries have unions, governments, hippys and workers breaking their companies balls.  Compliance with Health, Safety and Environment is necessary for their operations and shutting down is expensive.

Damstra holdings is one solution making sure that staff are trained, checking their certification, offering Drug and Alcohol Testing, as well location, fatigue management, online training etc.  

They help ensure companies equipment is maintained, by capturing repairs, tracking where it is and reminding about preventative maintanance.

They also help by Predictive Analytics-Real-time dashboards and analytics to track the entire workplace’s information in real-time.

DTC has reported half year revenue growth of 44%.  Client Revenue Retention of 134%..(Basically they spend more with them).

Customers include Newmont Gold, Glencore, Boral, Liang O'Rourke, Automotve Holding Group, nbn, Theiss, AGL, Orica, Freo Dockers(AFL Club), Georg Jenson, Cheesecake shop and Local Governments among others.  

Depends on what you read the Total Addressable Market is up to $15 Billion USD this year.  I believe this will grow, over time.

DTC has some huge competitors, such as Gensuite (has Colgate, NASA, G,E, and Electrolux) and Cority (has Rio Tinto, NASA,Toyota), and larger product offering.

DTC is a small fish in a big pond, has no debt that I can tell, and has alot of space to grow into.

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#Bull Case
Added 4 days ago

Had a recent positive push by Market Matters

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#Business Model/Strategy
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Damastra Holdings is a Safety and Workplace Management "SaaS" company, that operates in the mining, construction and manufactuting industries.  It does everything from reminders about equipment, maintanance, staff and equip location and compliance.  They log repair history , worker compliance, certificates, training, fatigue, D & A testing, Incident Reporting/Analytics, Online courses, and reminders/verification with course and documentation expiry.

Damstra's first year being listed it has bought APE mobile and Scenario Workforce Advantage, which fill out thier offerings.   Which do need to be filled out compared to some of its competitors.

Although it listed in 2019, Damstra Holdings was founded by CEO, Christian Damastra's dad who,started Damastra Mining Services. Christian while working for his dad started a labour hire business.  His Dad sold the mining business to Skilled Group, Christian stayed on as GM in the Damstra division as long as they did tech only...not labour hire.... Skilled then got bought out by Programmed, Chris negotiated to buy back Damastra, and here we are today.

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#Acquisition of VLT (Vault)
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8 Jul 20: Scheme of Arrangement takeover of VLT.   1 DTC share for 2.9 VLT shares.  $1.345 / 2.9 = $0.464.  36.5% premium to closing price of $0.34.  Cost savings of approximately $4m.  Values VLT at approx. $58.8m. FY20 Rev $4.7m; FY21 Est. $8.0m. 

Biggest acquisition for DTC yet.  VLT has had good revenue growth but it hasn't been seen coming through in its cashflow some have been quite skeptical about the company.  It adds risks to DTC as the price paid is not cheap and it is assuming quite a bit of growth.

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#ASX Announcements
Added 3 months ago

21-04-20--  Basically this quarter has been a good one....A positive cashfow of $ 3Million for this quarter whereas last p.c.p was negative.  Got record cash reciepts of 7.2 Million for the quarter, has no debt, possibility of buying other companies if value emerges, and full year revenue growth of 30-40%.

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