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#Bear Case
Added 5 months ago

Business model has failed to generate revenue for the past 8 years.

Their recent hub model has only had some traction so far in India generating approx 5-10K. They have expanded this to high profile esports teams but their paid offering is gaining little traction so far. 

This could be a transformative year but I would maintain the product they offer doesn't have a market and doesn't relate much to the "e-sports" industry.


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#Bull Case
Added 3 months ago

ESH is an a pioneering company in the esports tournament platform space. 

ESH have never made a profit; however they have enviable  partnerships within the business and some innovative and exciting tournament access technology fresh on the market.

COVID-19 has provided the perfect platform to give esports a sizeable international boost.

I believe ESH is near the and top of the the heap to make the most out of the global esports movement.

Will sponsorship money come into play with live sports virtually in limbo? Are the profits coming with the release of the anticipated app?

Lots of speculative questions to play out, but I like it enough to take a punt. Possibly a unicorn or a complete failure?

Gotta love the micro cap space and ESH is just as good a bet as H6 R5 at your favourite track!

I hold, but do your own research before making a play, high stakes gamble!

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