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FBR is developing and looking to commercialise robot bricklayers, mounted on a truck.



Market Capitalisation: $88,124,811 (@5.2)

Earnings/Share: -0.73 cents

Price/Earnings Ratio: -7.12

NTA/Share: 2 cents

Dividend/Share: AUD 0 cents

Dividend Yield: 0%



  • The company’s robots are far ahead of rivals and look to be on track to have the first and most advanced bricklaying robots available.
  • Being large robots mounted on a truck, the technology is taking a long time to develop and commercialise and I think investors are losing patience, with the price having trended down since a high in August 17.
  • This is a high risk investment, but an example of asymmetric returns. I.e. the investment could go to zero, meaning your loss is limited to 100% of capital invested, but returns could potentially be very high if the company successfully commercialises the technology.

Disclosure: I own

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