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Last edited 4 months ago

Monumental  downward SP trend from 2018 to 2020 with issues with traders shorting GXY - analyst bearing in Lithium prices and oversupply

Recent rebound in GXY, ORE, PLS + other Battery mineral players in early 2020 could be setting a new upward trend. 

Currently riding favourable bounce in Tesla SP and production/sales numbers as well as some positive movement in Lithium ETF's

Does have a longer term potential to rebound and some analyst still have price targets of $2- $3.50

Growing revenue acquiring mines (A40, LPD) 

However may continue to slide down to as low as $0.90 before begining its reascend

Has had suffered significantly due to the downward trends in the whole battery minerals sector after its peak (hype bubble) in 2017.

market watchers fear a glut of production from new mines and this causing price pressures on the lithium spot price


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