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29-7-2020:  Kalkaroo Project Planning Update


  • Havilah plans to focus on the feasibility of developing the gold-only start up open pit at West Kalkaroo, that will initially target shallower oxidised gold resources.
  • Infill drilling at 25 metre x 25 metre spacing over the last 4 months within the planned open pit shell has delivered a high degree of confidence in the gold resource.
  • Directors consider this gold-only strategy is more likely to attract financing for West Kalkaroo and will in turn enhance the future development prospects of the much larger Kalkaroo copper-gold sulphide mining project.
  • Havilah technical personnel are currently focused on advancing the final Kalkaroo environmental approvals along with obtaining capex and opex estimates for the gold-only start up open pit.
  • The value of Kalkaroo on a NPV7.5% basis has risen considerably in AUD terms over the last 12 months, largely due to the increased long-term forecast USD gold price.
  • Kalkaroo is considered to be at the lower risk end from a COVID-19 pandemic and sovereign risk perspective, which should assist its future development prospects.

--- click on link above for the full announcement ---

[I hold HAV shares]

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6th July 2020:  Matt Bohlsen of Seeking Alpha Trend Investing poses a series of questions to Dr Chris Giles, Havilah's Technical Director, whose frank answers will be of interest to shareholders and potential investors

For recent ASX announcements by Havilah (HAV), see here.

[I have a small HAV position, which I'm underwater on currently.  Will not be tipping any fresh money into this one until they start making some proper positive progress - rather than just positive spin.  I note that HAV have recovered to the 12-month high (~14 cps) that they were at almost one year ago, but they're WELL below the 70 cps to 80 cps levels they reached back in August and September 2016.  It would be nice if the SP recovery seen over the past month continues.  My average price paid for my small HAV shareholding is 20 cps.]

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27-May-2020:  Quarterly Activities Report

I've got a small position in Havilah Resources (HAV), and they've performed dismally so far.  They have a number of "prospective" projects, mostly in the north-east of South Australia, and those encompass Copper, Gold, Cobalt, Rare Earths and Iron Ore.  They had a deal lined up last year that would have been a game changer for them (in a positive way) in that a MUCH larger company - Sanjeev Gupta's SIMEC Group, part of the Indian-based GFG Alliance - was taking a large stake in them and providing around $100m in financing plus experience and expertise to hopefully take them through to production with some of these projects, however the largest shareholder in the company, Dr Chris Giles, their current Technical Director and a co-founder of the company, having supported the transaction up until the day of the General Meeting, changed his mind on the day and voted against the proposal.  GFG/SIMEC understandably walked away - a little upset.  So did HAV's CEO and the entire board, except for Dr Giles.  It's been all downhill since then unfortunately.

They are not burning much cash, so they can wait this situation out, and they may come good again one day.  I could NOT recommend them though.  Usually I would have cut my losses immediately because of what Dr. Giles did, but I'm not sure I fully understood why he did it at the time, and my position was very small (comensurate with the high risk of holding an explorer and wanna-be-developer with no revenue), so I ended up just letting it ride.  I haven't topped up however.  If they ever have a decent bounce, I'll probably sell into whatever strength there is at that time.  They certainly have a lot of projects.  I just don't know which ones, if any, they are going to be able to convert into some revenue, and how long that process might take.

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