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#H1 2020 Report
Last edited 5 months ago

Very healthy H1 report

With IT investments in place 24% increase in revenue saw a significant chunk falling through to the bottom line leading to a 100% increase in net profit after tax. In keeping with a trend of returning excess cash to shareholders they have increased the intrim dividend 80% to 4.5 cents (unfranked) and also authorised a share buyback of up to 10% of the register.

Profit appears to be trending toward the upper end of the 1.4 - 1.7m guided for the full year.

Cash on hand of 2m. No Debt.


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#Bull Case
Added 8 months ago

Basically primary business provides a billing service to medical professionals in the UK.


- Steady organic revenue growth (~10% p.a)

- Dip in profits in last couple of years attributiable to pound depreciation and restructuring costs which seem to have been actually "one off" --> now returning to profit growth

- Now leveraging exposure to doctor's to sell other services e.g. insurance

- Good history of returning excess cash to shareholders and steady share count

- No debt

- 2mil in bank


Trading at foward PE of 11-14 on company projections representing good value IMHO

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