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12 May 20: Firetrail Investments Ceasing to be a substantial hodler

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12-Aug-2019:  NGE Capital (ASX: NGE) have a large exposure to Karoon Energy (KAR) - KAR was 41.5% of their portfolio at the end of July.  NGE had a good July, with their portfolio value (but not their share price) rising +24.9% mostly on the back of a positive market re-rating of KAR.  You can read their July report here:  Karoon Energy (KAR) Investment and NTA update - July 2019

If you want to spread the risk a bit, rather than invest directly in KAR, you could invest instead in NGE, which is currently around 41% to 42% KAR, 23% United Company RUSAL (HKE: 0486), 13% Yellow Cake plc (LSE: YCA), 7.4% Horizon Oil (ASX: HZN) and 5.9% Base Resources (ASX: BSE).  Not exactly a low-risk portfolio by any stretch, but a little more diversified than 100% KAR, who are one of the more volatile stocks on our market - with plenty of cash, but not much in the way of earnings and profits.  NGE have a concentrated portfolio of high conviction energy and resources companies, and prior to July 2019, they have seriously underperformed the market, but their best months might still be ahead of them...

Disclosure:  I don't hold KAR or NGE - both are outside of my risk tolerance limits.

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