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#Canberra DC (IC5) News
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16-June-2020:  Canberra Data Centre (IC5 Bunker) Announcement

Macquarie Telecom Group announces new Canberra government data centre 
Macquarie Telecom Group Limited (ASX: MAQ) today announced the build of a new data centre, Intellicentre 5 Bunker (IC5 Bunker), at its Canberra campus in response to increased demand for Macquarie Government’s cloud and cyber security services.

With construction due to commence in July, the initial investment of AU$17 million will be used to build stage one – 1.5 megawatts (MW) – by December 2020. Once completed, the full Canberra campus comprising IC4 Bunker and IC5 Bunker will be 4MW, with additional expansion capacity.

The new facility will leverage the latest physical and virtual security and compliance credentials to manage Government cloud workloads at the protected, secret and above levels. These will include a design to achieve Tier IV data centre standards, being SCEC Zone 5 ready, and retaining 120 plus NV1 government-cleared engineers. It will also have an industry leading PUE* to maximise efficiency.

ANZ has approved an increase in Macquarie’s syndicated banking facility from $100m to $140 million to fund investment in IC5 Bunker construction, cyber security services as well as the build of IC3 East. 

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About Macquarie Telecom Group"We’re Australia’s data centre, cloud, cyber security and telecom company for mid to large business and government customers.  The way we do this is completely different from our competitors… we provide the best customer service in Australia."

Disclosure:  I hold MAQ shares.  They use a lot of ancronyms and industry jargon, all of which can be googled.  For instance:

*PUE means Power usage effectiveness.  PUE is an important industry metric for measuring the energy efficiency of a data center's infrastructure under normal operating conditions.  It's calculated using the following formula: 


[Total energy entering the data center]

divided by

[Energy used by IT equipment inside the data center].


Energy use beyond what's consumed by IT equipment powers essential data center services such as cooling, lighting, power distribution and power conversion.

PUE helps track power usage trends in an individual facility over time and measures the effects of different design and operational decisions.

Some of the other acronyms used, such as "SCEC Zone 5" and "NV1 government-cleared engineers" refers to Australian government facilities security standards which can be researched further here:

MAQ have a lot of government clients and they are a trusted and valued supplier of data and telecommunications services to both government departments, organisations and private companies.  

MAQ was definitely a company that I topped up on in March - and have a look at their chart.  They were at around $28 before the crash, got down to $19.80, and now they're up over $30 and look to be going to around $34 today.  Very high quality company, with VERY incentivised management - LOTS of skin in the game - 55% of the company is owned by the founders, David Tudehope (MAQ's CEO) and Aidan Tudehope (MAQ's Managing Director- Hosting Group). 

The shares often have liquidity issues - almost trading by appointment only at times, but well worth it for the patient who have capital they won't need to liquidate in a mad rush.

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MAQ Preliminary Final Report

Full Year Statutory Accounts

Director's Commentary

Management Briefing to Analysts


Disclosure:  I hold MAQ shares.  They can be very illiquid due to a reduced free float.  This can result in sharp movements in both directions at times.  Good if you are unlikely to become a forced seller.  The Tudehope brothers, who founded the company, own just over 55% of the shares.  David Tudehope is their CEO and an executive director.  Aidan Tudehope is their Managing Director (Hosting Group) and an Executive Director.  They have a lot of government clients including the ATO, and are investing in - and riding - the megatrends of Hybrid IT, Cloud and Cyber Security.  They are focussed on superior customer service and consistently achieve a market leading NPS (net promoter score).  Macquarie’s NPS was +70 for Q4 FY19, NPS being a measure of customer loyalty that is assessed on a scale of -100 to +100, where a score of greater than +50 is excellent.  NPS is calculated on the single question "how likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?"  The larger Telcos (such as Telstra) typically score around -2 to +11.  MAQ scored +70.


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#New Contracts
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23-Dec-2019:  ATO signs with Macquarie Telecom Group for Cyber Security

Macquarie Telecom Group Limited (ASX: MAQ) announces that it has entered into an agreement with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to provide Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) and cyber security services estimated to be worth approximately $20 million over the initial 3-year term. The Secure Internet Gateway is a critical service to securely manage the connection between the ATO's IT environments and the internet, protecting the ATO’s IT environments from security threats. 

The deal will leverage Macquarie’s Australian 24x7 Security Operations Centre (SOC), its sovereign data centres and its ASD-Certified cloud computing platforms. Services will commence in 2020. 

Aligned with its ongoing investment in its Government business, Macquarie will invest in upgrading its whole-of-government Secure Internet Gateway to support this deal and introduce the latest cyber security technology for all its Government customers.  

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#Investor Presentations
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17-June-2020:  Investor Briefing Presentation by MAQ

Aidan Tudehope from MAQ was interviewed on Ausbiz on Wednesday in their Barangaroo Studios.  See here.

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#Investor Presentations
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