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NOV is a company which provides multiple payment/transaction services and SAAS solutions to companies.

  • (main revenue growth)
    • Allows chinese nationals without an australian bank account to pay BPAY bills using Alipay & WeChat


  • Vasco Pay
    • Helps companies launch prepaid card programs and other payment solutions
    • NOV holds a Principal Issuer licence ("Visa Issuer") of Visa Worldwide Pty Limited, a subsidiary company of Visa Inc. ("Visa").


  • FlexeWallet
    • Provides card services for setting up international top-up, cash top-up vouchers and collection and remittance services.


  • SendFX (
    • Novatti is a 25% shareholder in SendFX, having provided technology and capital to SendFX earlier in 2019.


  • Slice Payments
    • NOV is providing a "Buy Now Pay Later" SAAS solution to Slice Payments (Australia) Pty Ltd ("Slice Payments") for deployment in the United Kingdom.
    • 15% shareholder in Slice Payments in consideration for providing the solution.
    • Novatti will then be paid transaction fees for the on-going provision of the SAAS.


  • Incentiapay.AX
    • IncentiaPay Limited, ASX:INP (“IncentiaPay”) has a payments solutions partnership with Novatti Group Limited
    • IncentiaPay and Novatti will share in the transaction and marketing fees paid by consumers and merchants.


NOV is also applying for a Restricted Authorised Deposit Institution (RADI) banking license which will enable it to provide further banking services to foreigners and migrants. NOV aspires to be a NEOBANK like VOLT and XINJA but will differentiate itself to provide banking services to foreigners and migrants.

For details of their banking subsidary I would suggest reading these ASX Announcements for the full context

1st Investment Round in Banking Services Unit

Next Investment Round in Banking Services Subsidiary

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