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Last edited 3 months ago

21-Feb-2020:  Here is a summary of four brokers who cover OZL, with their latest calls:

  • Ord Minnett:  Accumulate, TP (target price): $11.30
  • Macquarie:  Outperform, TP: $11.30
  • Morgans:  Hold, TP: $10.85
  • Citi:  Neutral, TP: $11.00

Average TP = $11.11, so that's my new valuation for OZL, since I don't really personally follow them very closely (Sandfire - SFR - is my preferred copper exposure).  I am going to add them to my scorecard because I think their recent SP decline is as a direct result of the Covid-19 coronavirus fears (and associated global growth concerns which results in lower copper prices) and I think that presents an opportunity to pick up good Australian copper producers at lower prices until this all gets resolved and we move on.  OZL is currently trading at around the $10/share mark.

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