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10-Feb-2020:  Hartleys:  PEEL MINING LIMITED (PEX): Transitioning from Explorer to Developer

Disclosure:  Not held.  Very High risk.  Could be a takeover target, particularly by one of their larger JV partners, but could also just keep sinking money into the ground without ever finding anything of real commercial value (viable to profitably mine in other words).  Very dangerous to buy a company based on takeover speculation.  As our junior base metals / precious metals explorers go, PEX are certainly one of the busier ones - along with others such as Minotaur Exploration (MEP) and Red Metal (RDM) - so could be OK for a VERY speculative punt, but I'm not so into that any more - I prefer these days to wait until they hit something REALLY good - like Talisman (TLM) did with Monty (now owned by SFR) - or Sirius did with Nova-Bollinger (now owned by IGO) - and then move on once the special dividends and/or capital returns have been paid (or the takeover premium is in the SP).  This "wait and see before jumping in"  approach does certainly mean that I usually miss out on the initial SP rise that occurs on a significant discovery announcement, but it also means I lose less money by not backing the ones who never find anything that is commercially viable to mine.

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22-Feb-2019:  Peel Mining (PEX) presented at the 18th annual RIU Explorers Conference held from Feb 19th to 21st in Fremantle, WA, at the Esplanade Hotel.  Their presentation can be viewed here.

These guys are base metals explorers, not producers, so must be considered very speculative.  However, as explorers go, they are one of the busier ones, so worth keeping an eye on.

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