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Added 5 months ago

PGM - Platina Resources - is an explorer burning through cash, with no profits (due to no production).  However, it's one of a small handful of companies listed on the ASX that have tenements that contain significant Palladium.  Palladium hit US$2,500/ounce on Friday (according to PGM's response two days ago to a speeding ticket from the ASX - see below for a link to that), so palladium is actually getting up towards $1,000/oz MORE expensive than gold now.  Palladium is up over 90% during the past 12 months, and the price has tripled over the past 5 years.

Platinum is lower than where it was five years ago, but has risen +28% in the past 12 months.  PGM also have some platinum in the ground. 

Many such companies never make it through to becoming miners, or, if they do, it's after so many capital raisings (and possibly also share consolidations) that ordinary shareholders either have to keep tipping more money in regularly or their shareholding becomes so dilluted as to be virtually worthless.

That said, if you want to have a small flutter on palladium or platinum via an ASX-listed company, this could be one way to play that theme.  But best keep it as a short-term trade.  If you look at their 12-month chart, you'll see why such companies generally don't make good longer term "investments".  They can bounce on a significant metal price increase or a positive drilling results announcement, but then they tend to resume their general south-east drift down once again. 

For example, I bought a small parcel of PGM at $0.018 (1.8c) on Friday (20Jan20, in the opening auction) after reading that Palladium had just hit another all-time high, and they closed last night (23Jan20) at $0.021 (2.1c), for a +16.7% gain in 4 trading days.  However, it won't be long before they will likely resume their downward trend.  I'll probably sell them the next time they announce something positive or if there's positive press about palladium or platinum again and they have a little spike up once more.  That's trading though, not investing, and I only do that with a small percentage of my available capital.

Here are their latest two announcements:

24-Jan-2020:  Drilling intersects Significant Zinc Mineralisation

22-Jan-2020:  Response to ASX Price Query

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