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#Nice article on PKS
Added 3 months ago

Fairly thorough article from Claude Walker's a rich life 

I hold a 'starter" share in PKS

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 3 months ago
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#Technical Analysis
Added 3 weeks ago

17 Jul 20: Has broken through the wall at $0.19 and is moving higher to $0.22.  There has been a significant new contract and increased visability through A Rich Life.  The Pavilion acquisition also increased is market cap making it more attractive to funds.  Looks like sellers were exhausted during the second half of June.  

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#Recent Contract Wins
Added 4 weeks ago

PKS and newly acquired Pavilion Health have been winning new contracts albeit small ones.

13 Jul 20: PKS signs new software licence and support agreement for RippleDown Auditor and Expert with SA Pathology as its Clinical Decision Support Solution.  12 month contract with the option to extend with a value capped at $314,000 p.a.

8 Jul 20: Pavilion Health, signed a significant strategic software license renewal agreement for its RISQ product with Healthscope for nearly 700,000 admissions across their 43 hospitals.

30 Jun 20: Pavilion Health, signed license renewal for both PICQ and RISQ valued at more than $200,000p.a.  Coverage of nearly 150 healthcare facilities across VIC.  

17 Apr 20: Renewal of contract with Healthscope NZ for RippleDown for 2 years from 1 Mar 20 with an automatic 2 year extension unless a 3 month non-renewal notice is given.  Customer since 2009.

Renewal of contract with Australian Clinical Laboratories, Australia’s 3rd largest private pathology provider for its Clinical Decision Support Solution RippleDown.  Customer since 2002.  Commenced on 1 Mar 20 for 3 years with automatic 12m extension unless a 3m non-renewal notice has been given.

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#Performance Shares
Added 3 months ago

7 May 20: Acquistion of Pavilion Health was a positive deal for the company as it was all script.  The co-founders will end up with 9.6% and 10.16% of PKS.  

The only sour note was 4m performance rights given to the co-founders of Pavillion on the company achieving Rev $9m in FY21.  The hurdle is very low as FY19 Rev was over $8.2m already so it requires only 5% p.a. growth in revenue over the next 2 years.

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#Substantial Holders
Added 3 months ago

7 May 20: Bombora is a substantial holder @ 6.75%.  It held shares pre-listing and Mike Hill from Bombora is the Chair of PKS.

From my experience with stocks Bombora has invested in, it is unlikely that if there are capital raises that retail investors will get an entitlement or SPP.  Much more likely they go with a private placement.

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Added 3 months ago

good little presentation by the CEO..... talks about the recent takeover of Pavilion Health

one for the future?

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#Livewire podcast
Added 5 months ago

lastest livewire podcast "Rules of Investing" -6 March talk this stock up. Worth a listen and then do your own research. 

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