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Added 5 days ago

PPK has entered into a joint venture with Deakin to to develop commercial applications for BNNT. The joint venture has identified 6 potential applications with a time line of 2-3 years of feasibility studies. The most promosing areas include bullet proof clothing and vehicles, heat and radiation sheilding for air and space craft, high capatacitiy batteries and electircal conductors.  

Below is link from 2017 from Deakin about how they were able to 3d print a composite using BNNT which they have since patented.

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#ASX Announcements
Added 2 weeks ago

PPK have 45% ownership in Craig Inernational ballistics. The goverment are purchasing $1million of bullet proof vests from them and looking at how to develop bullett proof glass using BNNT 

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Last edited 3 weeks ago

07-May-2020:  In his Monthly Report for April 2020, EGP Capital's Concentrated Value Fund's Tony Hansen devoted almost 5 pages to PPK.  Definitely worth reading!!

PPK was the 7th largest position in EGP Capital's Concentrated Value Fund (CVF) at the end of April.

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