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Added 2 months ago

How do you become a millionaire?
Be a billionaire and buy an airline.

Never invest in an airline:
  Massively capital intensive.
    New plane models rolled out frequently, obsolete quickly, maintenance, fuel, storage, external costs
    Lots of risks; volcanoes, terrorism, pandemics, etc. One mishap can destroy a brand.
      (Very expensive to be grounded).
    Lots of competition.
    Airports are monopolies (squeeze every $ from airlines).
    Travel is seasonal and a luxury people can do without (ie the first thing people cancel).

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#Business Update
Added 3 months ago

05-May-2020:  Qantas Group Market Update

Weren't QAN a screaming buy below $2.50 in March!!  By the time I'd convinced myself they were a buy, they were already back over $3 and heading north again.  They closed at $2.14 back on March 19th.  They are back over $3.60 today and still heading north.  Fortunately, I didn't miss out entirely, as I was distracted at the time buying other bargains such as BPT at below $1 and NWH at around $1.10.

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#Business Update
Added 4 months ago
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