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Added 6 months ago


Very difficult to gain transparency on development pathway of new RHT products: dev time frame, unit prices/royalties, market size, sales penetration, timeframe to peak sales etc etc.
Here are some very rough rubbery numbers I have modelled. Lots of assumptions!!

In summary:
Hepafat AI : Assume 1 yr to market entry and NPAT of $3.4M in 5yrs after applying discount rate of 20%.

Iron level blood test: Assume 2.5 yrs to market entry and NPAT of $5.7M in 5 yrs after applying discount rate of 20%

Current Ferriscan CRO income: maintaining NPAT FY20= $1.68M

So discounted earnings of $10.8M

Applying a multiple of 20x and valuation comes in at $216M

470m shares on issue fully diluted gives a SP of 46c.

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