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Added 3 weeks ago

22-June-2020:  Ramelius on track for record quarter FY2020 Guidance upgrade



  • June 2020 Quarter production already a new record of 74,371oz (as at today’s date)
  • Full June 2020 Quarter production now expected to exceed 80,000 ounces (Previous Guidance was 65 - 70,000oz)
  • Full FY2020 production Guidance upgraded to record 225 – 230,000 ounces (Previous Guidance 210 – 220,000oz)

Ramelius Resources Limited (ASX: RMS) is pleased to advise that it has exceeded the Production Guidance range for the June 2020 Quarter, with 74,371 ounces of gold produced as of 21 June 2020.

This already represents record quarterly and annual production for the Company with two weekly gold pours remaining and has been achieved as a result of excellent performance from both West Australian production centres, particularly Mt Magnet.  Based on the production figures received to date, Ramelius has upgraded Guidance for both the June 2020 Quarter and FY2020 as highlighted above.

Ramelius Managing Director, Mark Zeptner today said:

“We are obviously delighted by the operational performance in achieving records in both quarterly and annual gold production, particularly against the backdrop of COVID-19 and the additional administrative requirements the pandemic has necessitated.

We remain confident that Ramelius, with its high-performing team, excellent cash generation and enviable balance sheet, is very well positioned for the next stage of growth.”

Further details will be available in the Production Update and full Quarterly Activities Report, both due in July 2020.

--- ends ---

Gotta love upgrades!  The RMS share price was up +16.76% today on the back of this one.  They now have a market cap of AU$1.44 billion, and are firmly within our top 10 pure-play gold producers that are based here in Australia with their primary listing on the ASX.

The spreadsheet lists the top 15 like this:

  1. NCM, Newcrest Mining
  2. AGG, AngloGold Ashanti *
  3. KLA, Kirkland Lake Gold *
  4. NST, Northern Star Resources
  5. EVN, Evolution Mining
  6. SAR, Saracen Mineral Holdings
  7. RRL, Regis Resources
  8. AQG, Alacer Gold *
  9. SBM, St Barbara
  10. OGC, OceanaGold
  11. SLR, Silver Lake Resources
  12. RMS, Ramelius Resources
  13. GOR, Gold Road Resources
  14. PRU, Perseus Mining
  15. RSG, Resolute Mining

After RSG, which has a market cap of $1.23 billion, there's a big step down to #16, which is WGX (Westgold Resources) with a market cap of only $853 million.

* However, #2, #3 and #8 (AGG, KLA & AQG) are secondary listings here by companies that are based in South Africa, Canada and the USA respectively.  If you filter those three out, you are left with the following top 12:

  1. NCM, Newcrest Mining
  2. NST, Northern Star Resources
  3. EVN, Evolution Mining
  4. SAR, Saracen Mineral Holdings
  5. RRL, Regis Resources
  6. SBM, St Barbara
  7. OGC, OceanaGold
  8. SLR, Silver Lake Resources
  9. RMS, Ramelius Resources
  10. GOR, Gold Road Resources
  11. PRU, Perseus Mining
  12. RSG, Resolute Mining

RMS is now only 3.2% behind SLR's market cap, ($1.706b vs $1.760b), so RMS could easily overtake SLR if they have another day even half as good as today was.

GoldNerds works out the market cap a little differently - as explained below:

Market Capitalization = The value the stock market is currently putting on the entire company.

The market capitalization ("market cap") of a company is all of the following:

  • The value of the company as determined by its recent share price and share structure. 
  • How much it would cost you to buy the entire company, at the recent share price. 
  • The value of all the company's assets, both financial and physical, including liabilities as negative assets.

To buy a company entirely, you must buy all of the:

  • Fully-paid shares (both quoted and unquoted on the stock exchange);
  • Shares that could be issued to holders of in-the-money options and warrants; and
  • Shares that could be issued to holders of in-the-money partly-paid shares.

Out-of-the-money options and warrants and out-of-the-money partly-paid shares are worthless if someone were to buy all of a company at the current share price, because their holders would pay more than the recent share price to convert them into a fully-paid share.

The market cap is therefore calculated as the sum of:

  • The number of fully-paid shares multiplied by the recent share price;
  • The number of in-the-money options and warrants multiplied by the differences between their strike price and the recent share price (for each series of options or warrants); and
  • The number of in-the-money partly-paid shares multiplied by the amount owing on each partly paid share (for each series of partly-paid shares). 

Which is equal to the current share price multiplied by the combined number of shares and in-the-money options, warrants, and partly-paid shares, less the cost of exercising the in-the-money options and partly paid shares (the option cost).

Market cap is of interest in our analysis only because it usually roughly equal to the enterprise value (EV) of the company (because the financial net assets of a company are usually small compared to the physical assets of the company).  The EV is the value the stock market is currently putting on the physical (non-financial) assets of the company.

Those same 12 gold producers in order of Enterprise Value (EV) is similar, except RMS moves up one position (leapfrogs SLR) and RSG also moves ahead of PRU:

  1. NCM, Newcrest Mining
  2. NST, Northern Star Resources
  3. EVN, Evolution Mining
  4. SAR, Saracen Mineral Holdings
  5. RRL, Regis Resources
  6. SBM, St Barbara
  7. OGC, OceanaGold
  8. RMS, Ramelius Resources
  9. SLR, Silver Lake Resources
  10. GOR, Gold Road Resources
  11. RSG, Resolute Mining
  12. PRU, Perseus Mining

Of these 12, I currently hold NST, EVN, SAR, RRL and SBM.  From outside of those lists, I also hold PNR (Pantoro) which comes in at #19 on the EV list, and at #16 on the Market Cap list.  The Producers list - with minimum 70% gold production - vs all other metals, and all companies headquartered here in Australia, so not including AGG, KLA or AQG - runs to 25 companies according to GoldNerds.  The lower 13 - in EV order (biggest to smallest, continuing from PRU above) - are WGX, RED, DCN, PNR, TBR, BLK, BCN, MML, TRY, RND, WWI, AUL & KRM.  

I also hold a couple of Developers and Explorers, being BGL and YRL - who are both still considered explorers because neither has reached FID - Final Investment Decision - to develop their respective projects into operating mines.

On top of the 25 Gold Producers, there are another 41 Gold Project Developers at various stages of project development, and another 99 Gold Explorers for a total of 165 companies.  And that's using those filters - they must be 70% or more in gold, and headquartered in Australia with their primary stock exchange listing here.  Remove those filters and the 165 becomes 222 companies.

As of tonight, there are a grand total of 2,127 companies listed on the ASX - you can view the complete list here - and 10.4% of those companies (222) are either gold miners, gold project developers or companies exploring for gold.  That's quite a large proportion of the market when you think about it.  Of course, many of those companies are very, very small, and most of them will go broke before they find something worth mining - or they'll change into a different type of company with a different focus, like a small biotech or fintech with another wonderful story.  Remember the dot com bubble?  So many of those new start-ups were ex-precious-or-base-metals-explorers.  

Anyway, the point is, you can afford to be choosy.  There are many gold companies to choose from, so choose wisely.  

RMS looks like one of the better ones.  I've held them before and I like their management.  I will probably hold them again.

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#Broker/Analyst Views
Added 3 weeks ago

23-June-2020:  Hartleys: RAMELIUS RESOURCES LTD (RMS): Lights out quarter

Hartleys have a BUY call on RMS, a $1.85 valuation, and a $2.40 12-month price target.

Other Broker Coverage of Ramelius Resources can be reached here:

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#Drilling Results
Added a month ago
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#Broker/Analyst Views
Added 3 months ago

03-Apr-2020:  Hartleys:  RAMELIUS RESOURCES LTD (RMS):  Mine plan preview

Hartleys has a "Buy" on RMS with a $1.22 valuation and a $1.40 PT (price target).

For RMS coverage by other brokers, including RBC Capital Markets, Morgans & Taylor Collison, see here:

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