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#4Q20 Update
Added 2 weeks ago

4Q20 4C Update: Reasonable result considering the impact of COVID.  Cash Receipts grew +33% in FY20.  ARR $10m so is trading at around 5x ARR.  

Rolling out OccupancyNow a new product which helps count and limit the number of shoppers.

Link to today's Investor Briefing:-

Cash Receipts $2.97m (+33% yoy) though down on 3Q20. 

FCF: -$491k

Cash: $2.1m

Debt: $0.1m [$1.9m undrawn]

ARR $10m

FY20: Operating Revenue $13.5m (+44%)

Operating EBITDA $2m (+129%)

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#Broker/Analyst Views
Added 5 days ago

22-July-2020:  "Estimates Revised" Update from Canaccord Genuity

CG's Rating: BUY (unchanged), and Price Target: A$0.30 (unchanged).

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#Bull Case
Added 3 weeks ago

Big Opportuntiy for growth scaling in on this at these levels.

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