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Added 2 weeks ago

EIS has been lodged. Silver price hits over $30 AUD. Gut feel is it will be a takeover target when EIS is approved and mining license is granted. One of the largest silver deposit globally.

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Added 4 days ago

Seems like SVL has rallied on news of a drilling campaign in Tuena and Bowdens.

Other than that traders are treating this more as an "Silver ETF" since it rhymes with the word "Silver"?

Just a few observations:

The point is there are better plays out there such as ADT.

Also, unlike ARD (which is a spec stock I own), SVL doesn't  have water permit rights for their project.

Finally, like Mcphillamys, Bowdens is located in prime agricultural land so approvals will take time and hence there may be a good chance of another capital raising to keep afloat.

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Added 2 months ago

Environmental impact statement is lodged with 2 viable 17year mines on there fully owned Bowdens project . EIS will be expedited to create Jobs in NSW plus the silver price is on fire ...

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#Bear Case
Last edited 5 days ago

The mine is highly dependent on the silver price and requires an average price of AUD$25.09 to breakeven over the life of the mine assuming no cost overruns. The silver market has been oversupplied since 2017 with the bulk over the oversupply sitting in vaults in London and China. Many low-cost miners in the Americas have been forced to enter care and maintenance mode due to the low silver price. Recent price increases in the silver price from the bullion trade are likely to be short-lived as the key driver of the demand is industry who in the past, has reduced their silver composition significantly when the price goes past USD30/oz.  

Significant environmental concerns have not been properly addressed in the EIS and there is a high probability that the mine will either get knocked back or will require an environmental bond higher than the forecasted NPV.  

A good comparison for this one is Cobar Consolidated Resources who went into CMM after two years of operation. 

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