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Added 2 months ago

Director buying on-market. This quarter's EPS will be very interesting - indications of large orders of USCOM 1A device to fit out 51 COVID Hospitals in China.

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Added 5 months ago


Income 27% up - $3.64m

Sales 31% up - $2.84m

Sales CAGR 29% up - 6 years

Cash Consumption 28% down ($1.21m)

Debt $0

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Added 5 months ago

27th February 2020 (Presentation)

  1. ASX Listed cardiovascular and pulmonary medical device company
  2. Established growth trends – 6 year sales CAGR 29% pa and 358% in total
  3. International expansion across 4 continents
  4. Rapidly expanding Chinese operations
  5. Approaching profitability with 7 imminent approvals for new products in major markets
  6. New products and new IP
  7. Management focused on optimal growth
  8. Tightly held stock– management and Board


Uscom SpiroSonic: Uscom digital ultrasonic spirometers are high fidelity, digital, pulmonary function testing devices based on multi-path ultrasound technology. ASTHMA, COPD, OLD

USCOM 1A: A non-invasive advanced hemodynamic monitor that measures cardiovascular function using Doppler ultrasound to detect abnormalities and guide treatment. HEART FAILURE, SEPSIS, FLUID

Uscom BP+: Provides central and brachial blood pressure and pulse pressure waveforms for analysis, information only previously available using invasive cardiac catheterization. HYPERTENSION



  • Sydney
  • Beijing
  • Budapest


  • Singapore
  • Auckland
  • London
  • LA


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Added 5 months ago

27th February 2020 (Presentation)

USCOM 1A, Coronavirus and Sepsis Seasonal flu in America – 2017-18 – Infections ~ 45M, Hospitalisation ~810,000, Mortality ~61,000

This is not a coronavirus story but a seasonal infection story that is on going and an innovative Australian Medical Device Company is at the centre of its successful treatment. Uscom has spent 20 years committed to the development of devices and management strategies to improve care of patients from neonates to the elderly with sepsis

Uscom technology is saving the lives of children and adults around the world daily and has now been specifically recommended by the Chinese Government Coronavirus Guidelines and international Sepsis Guidelines for Children for treatment of serious infections.

Severe COVID-19


Sepsis – infection poisons body and organs, particularly heart, vessels and lungs

Death – from organ (cardiovascular and pulmonary) failure


No vaccine

Circulatory Support:

     Cardiovascular system– fluid, Inotropes and vasoactives (USCOM 1A Guided);  Respiratory system– ventilation and ECMO

Immune defence - recovery

COVID-19 patients die from cardiovascular pulmonary failure Uscom specializes in non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary monitoring devices


Provides accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and can simply guide appropriate therapy!

Can be used in newborns to 100 years with normal values across all ages with treatment protocols


USCOM 1A is the only globally available Doppler Haemodynamic Monitor and is specialised for management of sepsis


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