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Here was a podcast I heard that was released this week which was bearish on VHT but not exclusively just for financials ... .

No idea if they are correct or not so ... do your own research - good luck to all VHT holders :o)

[It's really easy to find good news on companies (after all they will always issue positive announcements despite good or bad events)... but it's often really hard to find the bear case for companies... ]



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Added 4 months ago

Appendix 4C – Q3 FY20 Quarterly Cash Flow Report


  • Cash receipts from customers NZ$4.5M, up 138% compared to Q3 FY19
  • NZ$35. 4M cash on hand at end Q3 FY20
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) at end Q3 FY20 of NZ$16 .8M, ahead of mid-range forecasts
  • FY20 Target ARR now increased from NZ$17.1M to at least NZ$17.8M
  • At end Q3, at least one of Volpara’s software products now contracted to 25.9% of US market, tracking forecast


The Q3 figures reflect another strong quarter for Volpara in the wake of last year’s acquisition of MRS in the key US market as more customers take advantage of Volpara’s enhanced product suite and adopt a SaaS model. Consequently, Volpara is pleased to advise that it will meet and expects to exceed its midpoint guidance for FY20 annual recurring revenue (ARR) guidance of NZ$17.1M (US$11.5m).

“Following a stronger-than-expected Q2, we’ve now followed up with another quarter of strong growth which has helped us to expect an increase in our ARR forecast for the year,” said Volpara CEO Dr Ralph Highnam. “I’m particularly pleased we’re starting now to see the combined SaaS orders coming in and the process underway to encourage MRS’s legacy installed base to move from their old service & maintenance agreements onto SaaS.”

Dr Highnam said another highlight of Q3 was the publication of the DENSE* trial results in the New England Journal of Medicine. The DENSE trial results showed a significant drop in interval cancers.

“Trials like DENSE, using Volpara®Density ™, provide the evidence that global screening programs need to change,” Dr Highnam said.

Group cash receipts for Q3 FY20 from customers rose 138% (compared to Q3 FY19) to NZ $4.5 M.

Cash on hand at the end of Q3 FY20 was NZ$ 35. 4M, compared to NZ $40.2M at the end of the previous quarter . Operating cash outflow was NZ$4.5M ? up from NZ$4.2M in Q2 ? largely as a result of increased outgoings related to the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) show in Chicago in early December. Operating costs continue to run at budget.

The Group continues to hold no debt.

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Added 5 months ago

Good podcast update from brokers Morgans to update on key holdings in Health Sector including Volpara, ProMedicus and Resmed.

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