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#Personal opinion
Added 3 weeks ago

Well, here we go again.  Another capital raising.  I have been following this stock since its listing in 2015 and have been an investor since 2017.  I definitely could/should have waited until they were further ahead in their development and didn't have to suffer through numerous capital raisings, most of them dilutive, while one was consolidating.  I am a patient investor who bought because I love the story (history shows this is not the most viable tactic) and am a firm believer in what their product will achieve and how I will benefit in the future.  It's what my investing thesis entails.  I remain a faithful and will be taking up another allotment, for they have a new product with a huge addressable market in ever expanding fields using semiconductors.  The board of directors is as strong as any listed on the ASX, with a vast weath of knowledge and experience.  They are also current shareholders.  The road from development to revenue is unpredictable, but......their day will come.  Until then, I will to continue following my mantra of patience, patience, patience.  DYOR

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#Personal opinion
Added 3 months ago

WBT is a rare commodity in the speculative space with the admirable trait of under promising and over delivering on those promises.

WBT has a world class management and scientific team.

The WBT reram tech. based on a silicone chip is nearing the production stage and all indicative testing has exceeded performance expectation.

WBT appear to have completed dilution into an ugly consolidation phase with possibly one CR to go ahead.

If WBT continue to deliver then it is very likely it will be a multibag proposition for the astute investor.


All the above is personal opinion based on personal research. I have a amall holding in WBT.


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#Broker Reports
Added 8 months ago

24th October 2019:  WBT – a “Cinderella” semiconductor stock  by David Brennan at State One Stockbroking.

  • Share Price:  A$0.37  ($0.385 on 25-Oct-19)
  • Target Price:  A$1.40
  • Target Upside (from 37c): 278% (or 264% from 38.5c)
  • Recommendation: Speculative Buy
  • Risk Assessment: Higher 
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