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#Indicative proposal
Last edited 6 months ago

Indicative proposal by federation asset managment (not unexpected see interesting developments straw) for 100% of windlab at $1.00. 

If its sucessfull I think that shareholders will miss out on a lot of value to be realised over the next few years... oh well. 

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#Binding scheme implementation
Added 4 months ago

Consortium will acquire 100% of the outstanding ordinary shares in Windlab by way of a Scheme of Arrangement.

Windlab shareholders would receive cash consideration of $1.00 per Windlab share.

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#Merger arbitrage
Added 4 months ago

Dont mind holding if it falls through as still reasonable value in my approximation although I will likely lower my exposure. Gap widening to 15% exaggerates the risk of failure in my opinion.

Feel it will likely suceed as aquirer already has an 18% stake already a ton of cash and a mandate to invest in renewables.


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