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#Quarterly Reports
Added 4 months ago

16-Apr-2020:  Woodside (WPL) First Quarter 2020 Report (for the 3-month period ending March 31, 2020)

Woodside have a financial year that runs from January to December (their FY is the same as the CY), so the March Qtr report is Q1 FY2020 for them.

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#Quarterly Reports
Added 3 weeks ago

15-7-2020:  Woodside (WPL) Second Quarter 2020 Report

Woodside have a financial year (FY) that ends on December 31, so the June 2020 quarter is their 2nd quarter.

[I hold WPL shares]

Also:  14-7-2020:  Asset Value Review and Other Items

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#Market Update
Added 4 months ago
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#Quarterly Reports
Added 3 weeks ago

16-7-2020:  4:18pm:  Q2 2020 Briefing Transcript and Additional Information

Also:  15-7-2020:  8:30am:  Second Quarter 2020 Report

[I hold WPL shares]  Gas company, largest market cap Energy play on the ASX, but entirely leveraged to Natural Gas rather than oil.  Not ex-growth yet.  They can move at glacial pace, but they get things done - in their own time.  Very measured.  Great management.  Good focus on shareholder returns.  Gas Production revenue underpinned by multi-year long-term contracts (recurring revenue).  Pays reasonable dividends.  Not as leveraged as a Santos or an Oilsearch, so less bang-for-your-buck on an oil price recovery (which drags gas producing companies up with it), but less downside risk, and still plenty of upside from here when energy companies are back in vogue once more.  Good company to buy when their SP is low, which it still is.

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#Bear Case
Added 6 months ago

fossil fuel is in decline

EV replace ICE cars and trucks

batteries mostly charged by solar

solar and wind cheaper than gas turbine electricity


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#Bull Case
Last edited 7 months ago
  • Best quality energy play on ASX
  • Have recently raised capital to buy Scarborough
  • Have indicated they don't intend to tap shareholders for any more money for the next few years
  • Multiple growth options - offshore gas, various fields, various risk/reward equations
  • Good Management
  • Good Balance Sheet
  • Good exposure to energy.


Disclosure:  I hold WPL shares.

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