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I almost want to just copy and paste the entire content of this article as a straw. However suspect it would breach copyright if not Strawman rules.

Nevertheless, the article below does a great job at explaining the industry and sector XTD are operating in.


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Looking through the recent appointees and acqui-hires there seems to be a changing of the guard, lots of ex Ooh!Media employees.

This is very much a back the management here, ex Ooh! employees, buying ex Ooh!Media assets and putting together something new.

My take is a low downside risk, likewise low dilution or capital raising risk with $2m cash, a $3.5m market cap and $3m+ revenue.  Just one or two fairly small additional contracts and the company will be bringing in well over its market cap in cash. 

The two recent acquisition revenue numbers haven't been disclosed, nor has the potential impact from recent shutdowns. However one assumes that whilst income may be impacted, expenses will have reduced as well.

It’s a terrible time economically to try and sell adspace with Covid. If the market normalises somewhat however, things may get interesting again.


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