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Added 4 months ago
#Bull Case Uranium

Whilst view as a scary source of energy, it is widley misunderstood due to a few feak acciednts that have occured over the last 60 years. 

That said, it becoming safer and safer as further regulations and build quility improve.

"Global nuclear energy is on the rise. Uranium must fuel these nuclear reactors, but the resource is below the cost of production and supply is now severed. As a result, supply is shuttering quickly and nuclear fuel demand is rising" (Smith street weekly).

“The consequence of that, if you have 6 billion dollars invested in a reactor and you’re burning a million pounds of fuel a year, the difference to you between spending 30 million dollars on yellowcake and 60 million dollars on yellowcake is entirely irrelevant. It’s the 6 billion dollars that you have invested in the plant that matters. What that means in the case of uranium given that it sells for $24 and it costs $60 is that the price of uranium must go up and because there is so little demand elasticity, the price of uranium can go up. The price is something that must go up and can go up almost certainly will go up. I just can’t tell you when.” - Rick Rule, Sprott U.S. Holdings, 15 MAR 2017 


Added 3 months ago
#ASX Announcements