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Added 2 months ago

$1 million, I say this company can earn,

per year without needing to do much more cash burn.

Then i'd pay 8 times, free cash flow as eee veee;

call it $12 em, market cap, taking it easy.

That's quite a bit more, than it's traded before -

Assuming, that said, business remains breezy.

Added 4 months ago
#ASX Announcements

5 July 19: Market Update.  Customer Rev up 11% on FY18 to $8.1m

EBITDA for FY19 $0.8-0.9m

Cash $3.7m.

Market Cap is only $7.4m at $0.06.  EV of only $3.7m.  Seems pretty compelling if continued progress is made.

Added 8 months ago
#Bull Case

Superannuation and Funds research.  Modification of Financial Planning Software.

Last 2Q19 4C was very good with FCF of $1.1m when the company's MC is only $7m.  However, previous 4Cs were CF negative so will need to continue to monitor. 

Recent director purchase on 11 March 2019.