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#Bull Case

In the latest 3C ELO delivered positive net cash flow

Well capitalised with ~$39M in cash

Although slightly down from the previous qtr cash receipts remained strong with a 75% increase

Further aquisitions, although present intergration risk, add further customers and diversity

Current pull backin the share price presents an opportunity in my opinion.

Added 2 months ago

Cash receipts declined for March Quarter 2019 

March 19 $9,524,000

Dec 18 $9,786,000

Sep 18 $10,273,000

High short term costs at the expence of profitability

Managment focussing on revenue growth

Investment into sales & marketing, product development and general & administrative functions

Recent aquisitions of HROnboard and BoxSuite (31/1/19) 

Moelis $6.37 price target (April 2019)

Short to medium term sideway SP action likely

Continued decline in cash reciepts could see significant SP drop

Alternatively - investment improves sustainable growth targets longer term SP should move up.