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Added 8 months ago
#Bull Case

Likely potential turn in sentiment with expectations of positive outcomes of trade war that has dampened many industries as well as EVs. Pricing likely to be nearing a bottom as CHiense dpmestic spot has proven to be a lead to contracting prices and marginal supply/demand. 

Whilst ORE has its own issues to content with around weather and mix of product, its quite cheap when assuming long-term contract pricing of USD10k/t equivelent. It is also fully funded for stage 2 expansion that brings supply online when the lithium market is expected to tighten up again.

Added 4 months ago

Morgan Stanley 25 Jun 2019 11:18:15

sours on lithium prices over the long run but thinks there might still be reasons to bet on companies which dig up the battery metal. Morgan Stanley adds that Galaxy Resources and Orocobre, while less appealing (than MIN), could also offer some modest upside for investors. 



Added 6 months ago

falling lithium prices and increasing supply

Morgans places this as a buy