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#Bull Case
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24 Jan 20: Market Update.  Revenue and EBITDA continuing to increase.  However, Gradibility has been written down to $nil.

23 Jul 19: Profit upgrade.

Inflection point for profitability is around $20m which has been reached after which profitability should increase materially.

Number of new Bachelor degree programs at Ikon will be added in coming years.


Education Sector

  1. Board & Management hold 49.7% of shares (45.9m)

  2. Strong insider buying

  3. Develop HE (higher education) programs relevant to ALG’s 1,500 VET students.  Extends period of study in UCW group.

  4. Industry Tailwind

  5. Currently investing for future growth (new campus in Melbourne)

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#ASX Announcements
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24 Jan 20: Outlook update: ALG 1H20 Rev $9.2-9.4m ($6.9m) and EBITDA $1.0-1.2m (1H19:$nil)

Ikon 1H20 Rev $3.1-3.3m (1H19: $2.3m) and EBITDA of $0.4m-$0.6m (1H19: $0.1m)

Rev and EBITDA expected to be higher in 2H.

Reduced carrying value of Gradability to $nil. 

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