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Added 2 months ago

Strong Quarterly, with first gold pour announced this Q. Unhedged with <12 math payback, bottom quartile AISC, and very strong deep drilling likelihood to happen from UG Shafts. I believe under 0.50 will find rerate this Q with constant news flow (OP Extraction, 1st pour, UG construction completions, UG Exploration drilling, mill and production commencement....lots of Price Sensitives due).

I'm resetting 6 math target to 0.95.

HOWEVER.... SOVEREIGN RISK. Terrorism has been lots of small bands attacking regularly, which with lots mines around and WAF in center close to army base wouldn't be alarming except that locals complaining about French colonialism has French led UN stepping back. So cautious hold for big quick profits. Ways news with escape plan, if no,probe expect 3+ bags inside 24 months for any POG over $1250USD.

Added 6 months ago
#ASX Announcements

Updated NPV valuing at $884m AUD ($1500USD POG) on MC Circa $400m, with openended UG reserve drilling recommence shortly. Beaten up & oversold by gold price reactions Oct 10-14.