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#ASX Announcements
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New Operating Model and Variation of Agreement with AXA Health

A positive announcement to the market this morning in my opinion. The company has announced the launch of a new operating model with the addition of multiple consultation options based on the patient's clinical requirement. Previously it offered a single option of a 20 minute virtual GP consultation. The new model will include:

  • A 15 or 20 minute virtual GP consultation;
  • A 20 minute virtual consultation with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner1 ; and
  • “QuickConsult” – where a patient completes a questionnaire to be reviewed by a prescribing clinician, resulting in written advice or a prescription without the need for a real time video or phone consultation.

The company has said that the new model will better meet the challenge of clinical workforce shortages and ever increasing healthcare demand, resulting in:

  • Improved access to the right care, at the right time, for a larger number of patients;
  • A better experience for clinicians, by matching the right skills with the right presenting patient need; and
  • Significant improvement in the margins and profitability of Doctor Care Anywhere’s service.

The company also announced that it has entered into a variation of its Master Services Agreement with AXA Health, and this variation will contribute to Doctor Care Anywhere’s improved margins and profitability, with the realisation of some of these benefits commencing in 4Q 2021.


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