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3 years ago

Valuation notes - 9th June 2021

If you see my straw posted on 9th June, you will notice the line for net income decreases from 2024. This is due to the consumption of the tax losses I had mentioned previously and is completely expected. I also think I have been a bit generous on the dividend staying constant as I think they plan to do a 35% payout of NPAT which means the dividend has a chance of falling in that period.

Other risks I didn't factor include the current mouse plague in NSW although AIRR (the business they just bought) could offset this if they do sell products that actually combat the problem (ie traps, baits, etc.

On another note, if Elders can continue beating the growth forecasts, that net income forecast will become irrelevant and I will have to keep revising the sheet whenever they do this.


one year ago

They say never catch a falling knife but i did it yesterday.

My only other success for this was DTL.