Forum Topics Hydrogen service stations is the key to HPEV uptake
2 weeks ago

So everyone already knows the subject of this post is a problem preventing the uptake of Hydrogen Powered Electric Vehicles, but hey, the following article seems such a simple way to address this.

Energy storage using clean Hydrogen 

I envisage a distributed network of service stations using solar or wind to generate electricity, that, via electrolysis creates Hydrogen and can serve a dual purpose.

  1. The free, green Hydrogen can be pumped straight in to Hydrogen Powered EVs
  2. And Battery powers EVs can utilise the power cell to plug in to,a green supply of electricity.

Maybe all those rest-stops along major highways could have this technology installed, giving travellers another reason to stop and rest.

Maybe ALL existing service stations could be updated with this technology. Actually, this is quite appropriate as everyone is already used to stopping and filingup at them.

And ANY existing business could do the same - I.e. parking stations, shopping centres, anywhere anyone parks their vehicle!

Once the infrastructure is in place, almost all sales are pure profit.

BTW, I have noticed the grammatical error in the subject--alas, I can't change it now. :(


2 weeks ago

The future is rosy!! :) 


It's just getting there that can be a pain in the butt. I just had 2 seasons in a French town (small city)... The city installed a hydrogen filling station and hydrogen bicycles in a marina/green parkland area.

I never saw a bicycle used and the facility was removed 2 months ago.

It took a large amount of space. Used a lot of promotional money. Was in A1 prime location. In an affluent, fitness orientated, young community.


Would be difficult decisions for Service Stations to install another energy unit taking valuable space, before there's a genuine uptake. So could be a long wait for a good return on investment. 


a week ago

The article mentions that the technology is being deployed as a replacement technology for off grid fossil fuel (diesel) generators. They probably envisage this in smaller scale, off grid, stand alone renewable energy networks. The network run by solar during the day with the excess capacity being used to generate hydrogen.  At night the hydrogen used in the fuel cell at night to generate power.

Of course you could use battery storage to do the same thing, so they must believe there is a point of scale where the inneficiency of generating hydrogen is offset by the lower capital cost of their system vs battery storage.

It would seem less economically viable to use hydrogen for energy storage at scale or anywhere that is grid connected.  50%-60% of the energy is lost in the electrolysis process to generate hydrogen.  A furth 25%-35% is lost in compressing the hydrogen to make it economical to store.  There is then a further loss when it is converted back into power through fuel cells or combustion.

It would seem on a straight cost efficiency basis, battery storage and electrical vehicles are much more likely to be the norm.

Hydrogen will more likely play a nich role in power and vehicles.  Applications where batteries and EV technologies are not as effective, maybe such as off grid power storage or vehicles in continuous or long range operations (ships or long haul trucks).