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a month ago

Hi Andrew

I would like to hear from Kip McGrath (KME) as I am finding it hard to separate out the noise.

They report on 21 Feb which will help.

BTW I find the meetings on Strawman of really high value - thanks!

a month ago

Happy to report that Chief Executive Officer of Credit Corp (ASX:CCP) Mr Thomas Beregi has agreed to come talk with Strawman members on April 4.

With a market cap of $1.3b, and generating close to $100m in net profit, it's certainly one of the larger companies we've met with. It also has a great track record of long-term earnings growth and share price gains (as some of the early adopters on Strawman can attest! Shout out to @mushroompanda and @barney)

If you think of any questions for Thomas, please add them, here:


a month ago

Wow, incredible get Andrew!


a month ago

Great work - thanks Andrew!

a month ago

Unfortunately, Aaryn Nania of Connexion (ASX:CXZ), has had to postpone today's meeting.

We've rescheduled the meeting for next week: Wednesday the 22nd of February at 2pm AEDT.

a month ago

Happy to report that XRF Scientific (ASX:XRF) MD Vance Stazzonelli has agreed to come chat with members in March. They don't do too many of these, so it's a great chance to better understand one of the communities top ranked companies.


a month ago

Given its 3rd top ranked strawman stock and near ATHs despite a bear market should have many frothing this session. I've found Vance good, particularly with the Q&A (at least based on the time he gave me when I was "self employed" investor a few years back) so should be value adding fun.