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a month ago

Hi all! Sorry i missed the responses.... i'll try and get back to responding in earnest after the Christmas festivities.

On the fundamental side, has anyone used Stock Doctor? I've seen it since my much younger days, but it was always 'pricey' - compared to other options. I do tune in to the QAV podcasters who also have a discount on the stock doctor till Christmas, - pretty much a 1 yr + 3 bonus monhths for $1,587.

It's still 'expensive' for those used to paying much less for software access, but i guess in the grand scheme of what we're doing not so much. Compared to reading annual and half year reports - has anyone found Stock doctor or other competitor products much worth the time saved by having everything all in one spot already for you?

Does raise the question though - that you have to have faith that the numbers and metrics reported in any third party service is correct. But provided you do.... keen to hear if anyone found stock doctor worth the cost? Before pushing the button this christmas? I could peruse it for the QAV podcast methods, but also for Strawman and normal Fundamental analysis, but if there's something just as efficient with aggregating fundamental data that's comparatively more affordable i'm happy to hear it?

Will check out the tikr recommendations to see how much it is.

2 months ago

Tikr sometimes does not have the correct ownership data just FYI or they sometimes get it wrong.

I'm also using Factset a bit more now. Quite a lot of data to digest and shows which funds are buying and selling stock which is pretty useful. I only have the basic account. For premium you get to download the broker reports as well.

For technicals I tend to use either barchart or tradingview. The TA opinions vary wildly between the two.

2 months ago

I previously had a subscription to Morningstar which I used extensively for over 10 years mainly for fundamentals. . When they changed the web site to align with their international site I cancelled my subscription. The new site had dropped many of the good feature and I thought was a backwards step.

I have now moved TIKR and made use of the discount offer. It’s ok. At this stage for me maybe a 6 / 10.

I sent a message with some suggestions for improvements but haven’t had any reply’s yet.

2 months ago

For technical analysis, I use Optuma. For fundamental stuff, I use full-year reports and half-year reports. But if I want to scan over a stock, I use simply wall street not always 100% accurate, I might add.