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2 months ago

hi members,

just wondering if anybody knows why Medadvisor's share price has increased over 30% in the last 5 days. There was no ASX announcement and I can't find any news explaining that.


(sorry for a typo in the name of the company in the topic title)


2 months ago

It was one of the companies named in an AFR article titled “These nine micro-cap stocks are tipped to surge in 2024” published on 26/12 - perhaps a lot of retail investors getting back from holidays??

Link (paywall):


2 months ago

Good find, I wondered why the 30% jump happened. Nice to see a whole bunch of fundies talking their books. The 3 stocks Andrew Smith names would likely be amongst Perennial's top 10 holdings. I don't mind this at all when these guys are helping spread the word of small caps.

I've found MedAdvisor interesting for about 2 years now. I'd just love to see it actually show a profit.