Forum Topics Further woes for ALC?
2 months ago

Read this ABC article this morning:

New digital patient record system Acacia to be suspended inside Royal Darwin, Palmerston hospital emergency departments

After reading, I wondered if ALC has any presence in the NT and involvement with Acacia and a quick Google search produced:

(Date of publication: April 19, 2022 & pay walled, so couldn’t get anything in depth)


Northern Territory Health upgrade to latest Miya Precision platform

(Date of publication: April 19, 2022)

Northern Territory Health (NT Health) have signed an agreement with Alcidion to upgrade to the current Miya Precision platform.

NT Health has been a key partner of Alcidion since 2009, being one of the earliest users of the original Miya platform.

QUESTIONS: No mention of ALC in regards to the ABC article giving Acacia a lashing. Is it because ALC has done no wrong and is not part of the problem? Or maybe ALC is a very minor player at the sites reported about in the article? Does anyone know anything more that could add to ALC’s woes?