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AD8 will be in the ASX200 from start of trade on 18 March. Growth begets growth! Beginning to feel very much like surprises will be to the downside - but this is a long term hold for me.

Held IRL and SM.

a month ago

While it looks a bit rich to buy now (it rarely ever has not been, and yet it has performed very well!), the passive flows upon inclusion should typically result in more price strength (or atleast keep it elevated), until the next material fundamental development of course.

a month ago

Yeah @jimmybuffalino - huge amount of traction with Audinate and their Dante platform - their competition in the professional AV networking space is insignificant now - and AD8 are as dominant as VHS ended up being over Betamax, back in the day, in fact even more dominant. I hold this one both here and IRL.



I don’t think my fears are principled, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. It’s become a pretty big part of my RL portfolio after buying in mid-$6s and I’m more used to trying to trust in companies that have halved rather than tripled!