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21-May-2024: Onslow-Iron-delivers-first-ore-on-ship-ahead-of-schedule.PDF

This is an important milestone for MIN. The whole sector (iron ore) is down today, so they're not getting the love they deserve for this achievement today, but it will come. I think this is another "up yours!" moment for Chris Ellison - because people definitely had their doubts especially a number of analysts who love to hate on Chris and MinRes. He was too bullish. His timeline wasn't achievable. He was too abrasive and abusive during analyst briefings and investor calls. Well, Chris isn't trying to win any popularity contests. He's running a business. And as businesses go, it's one of the better ones for sure.

MIN closed at $79.49 yesterday. MIN and RIO are both down by around -1% today. FMG -0.5%. BHP slightly up, but essentially flat, however BHP is trying to takeover Anglo American, so there's that - BHP would become a copper play if that goes through, which it probably won't - see here: BHP debates improved Anglo bid as time runs out in takeover saga - MINING.COM

I hold MIN.

2 months ago

Would be good news for former dog stock RHI (Red Hill Minerals) as MIN now has to make the milestone payment and royalties thereafter.

Looking forward to seeing a big special dividend when really RHI should use the funds and buy something that adds to shareholder value.

Buying one of those struggling exploration companies with promising ground but constantly have to capraise would be nice.


2 months ago

The execution of this timeline is hard to comprehend. Just incredible the speed at which is was completed.