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2 October 2020

MGC Pharma ships first ever high THC formulations direct to patients in Brazil via ONIX online platform

Key Highlights:

  • MGC Pharma completes initial shipments of Mercury Pharma line, which includes high THC products, directly to patients in Brazil via the supply and distribution agreement with ONIX
  • Major operational and commercial achievement as MGC Pharma is now the first company globally to ever supply high THC formulations directly to patients in Brazil under the country’s Compassionate Use Program
  • Brazil is a strategically important market with a population of over 210m people and a pharmaceutical market value of ~A$24 billion1 per annum
  • Potential for immediate development of material new sales and cashflow pipeline - new patients registering daily in Brazil for MGC Pharma products in week after first successful delivery
  • ONIX is actively recruiting doctors in Brazil and is targeting to have over 1,000 doctors with the ability to prescribe cannabinoid products by mid-2021 - significantly expanding the market opportunity for MGC Pharma to supply its formulations
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#ASX Announcements
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20 October 2020

MGC Pharma delivers record consecutive weekly sales growth in October post launch of new Mercury Pharma Line 65% Sales Volume Increase Since 30 June – Now Over 7,000 Total Units Sold

Key Highlights:

  • Consecutive record week on week sales and revenue growth through September and October - exceeding $225,000 in the past 4 weeks, best consecutive weekly sales result to date
  • Key operational milestone surpassed with over 7,000 units sold across key global markets, led by Australia delivering a substantial increase in sales since 30 June 2020
  • October to deliver a record for monthly unit sales and revenues for MGC Pharma’s EU GMP cannabinoid products
  • Strong forward order book and sales pipeline now in place for November and December, driven byproduct demand from Australia and Brazil
  • More than 1,892 patients globally have now been prescribed MGC Pharma EU GMP phytocannabinoid products, a ~32% increase in patients since June 2020
  • Growing order pipeline of Mercury Pharma products in Australia, and breaking into new market in Brazil set to deliver record December quarter sales and quarterly revenue results
  • Strong sales growth in the Australian market combined with new sales orders in the key growth markets of Brazil and the UK, puts the Company on track to achieve 5,000 units per month/cashflow breakeven status in calendar CYH1 2021
  • Strong sales achieved despite the outbreak of COVID-19 and operational impact on European GMP manufacturing facilities with staffing disruptions, and to logistics networks
  • MGC Pharma operations are structured and authorised to continue throughout second European wave of COVID-19 - 30-day Epidemic declared in Slovenia
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#ASX Announcements
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17 November 2020 

Further successful results from cannabinoid treatment of glioblastoma progresses MGC Pharma towards clinical trials

Key Highlights:

  • Pre-clinical in-vitro research program into the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of glioblastoma delivers further successful results
  • The research is specifically focused on the use of CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol) in glioblastoma treatment following previous positive results in April 2020 • The formulations and data are key intellectual property owned by MGC Pharma
  • Results are from an additional 18 patient tumour samples demonstrate the efficacy of MGC Pharma’s proprietary CBD:CBG formulation in differing ratios
  • The CBD:CBG formulation acted effectively in producing a cytotoxic effect on glioblastoma (GBM) cell viability by encouraging cell death (apoptosis) for GBM cells
  • CBD is demonstrated to inhibit the tumours’ viability and CBG is more efficient in setting off the cascade of biological processes leading to the apoptosis of glioblastoma cells 
  • Results also found combined cannabinoids were advantageous vssingle treatment, recent investigations revealed the efficient formulations of CBD and CBG treatment effectively trigger a cytotoxic effect on GBM cells viability, leading to their killing effects
  • The study demonstrates the additive effect between the ingredients, supporting the strategy of compounded products and the silver blanket methodology by Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld 
  • Most important are novel findings that CBG, the non-psycho-active cannabinoid has been poorly investigated so far as it has already shown in low doses to inhibit the invasion of GBM cells and GBM stem cells (GSC). The latter are known as the root of the disease progression and highly resistant to standard therapies
  • MGC Pharma’s research team reports that for the first time, increasing concentrations of CBG is efficiently setting off the cascade of biological processes leading to the apoptosis of the GSCs, opening new avenues for adjuvant therapies for this fatal type of tumour
  • MGC Pharma and NIB will now move forward towards pre-clinical in-vivo studies, firstly on animals using the zebra fish model with the development of cannabinoids and curcumin nanoparticles formulation, and then to rodent studies and clinical trials in humans
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