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Voted on a straw in #Overview for Plexure Group Limited by twee
3 months ago

Plexure is a mobile marketing company. They build the apps (or APIs behind these) that drive customers to physical stores.

Plexure's key customer is McDonalds who provide the majority of their revenue. Maccas bought 10% of the company in 2019 and required PX1 to sign a non-compete agreement with similar fast food chains. McDonalds allows PX1 to operate in non core markets around the world (not Australia or USA). They still have more than 200m users running through their cloud platform.

They are now targeting grocery customers for growth.

PX1 is another east tazzy (kiwi) company that listed on the ASX in November 2020 after raising $37m NZD for growth.

Plexure APIs push personalised offers to people with the McDonalds app installed. These APIs will take into account weather, closeness, time, customer history, etc.


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Added a straw in #Bull Case for Auroch Minerals Limited
4 months ago
#Bull Case

Nickel and EVs

- Lithium-ion batteries comprise of an anode, cathode and an electrolyte. Nickel is mainly used as the cathode, coupled with cobalt and manganese usually in equal amounts.  Globally there is a massive cobalt bottleneck and already most analysts are forecasting nickel will account for 80% of cathode materials. Nickel due to it's chemical composition provides a higher fire resistance, higher chemical stability, longer life and further recharges per battery relative to cobalt.

Investment opportunities

The main reason of the nickel supply deficit is because of the lack of advanced nickel projects, there has been little investment in nickel exploration over the past decade due to uneconomic nickel prices. Recently companies and electric vehicle manufacturers have started targeting miners and explorers directly to guarantee nickel supplies.

->  Analysts in the car industry are forecasting 15million EVs produced in 2025 with each car needing about 50kg of nickel on average. This is already showing strong growth prospects for nickel. This doesn’t include Nickel’s primary steel market, medicinal use and so on.

- >140M electric vehicles on the road by 2030 which represents 60% of current nickel supply

->Indonesia in January 2k20 banned nickel ore exports these Indonesian ores have historically fed Chinese market, so this now creates a supply shortage for nickel, with increasing demand the laws of economics play thier part. 

In my opinion the best way to play the cards would be to look for current explorers which already have a mineral resource and are well placed to take advantage of the EV shift. 


- WA Focused Nickel/Copper explorer, with some Copper/Base Metal projects in SA.

- Saints Nickel Project has Mineral Resource of 1.05Mt @ 2%Nickel (high grade), 0.2%Copper and 0.06%Cobalt for 21.4kt Ni, 1.6kt Cu and 0.6KtCo

- Leinster (The Horn) Nickel Project has Mineral Resource of 0.6Mt @ 1.39Nickel (Medium grade) and 0.3%Copper for 8.4kt Ni

- RC drilling commenced 2 weeks ago at Saints, and more drilling at The Horn deposit to upgrade JORC.

- Recent hits of 1.77m @ 6.72%Ni, 0.27% Cu, including 0.50m @ 9.98% Ni, 0.24% Cu.

- Historical hits of 0.95m @ 1.66% Ni & 0.16% Cu, including 10.50m @ 2.30% Ni & 0.25% Cu. 

- $4.8M cash (4C+ recently raised $2.9M)

- $40M MC @ 18 cents

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Added a valuation for Ava Risk Group Limited of $0.910
4 months ago
Using Roger Montgomery's multiplier method aiming for an annual growth of 6-9% the IV = $0.63- $0.91
Added a valuation for Regeneus Ltd of $1.500
4 months ago
The company recently signed a collaboration and licencing agreement with Kyocera, the deal is exclusively for development and commercialisation of Progenza for knee osteoarthritis in Japan. Kyocera will fund manufacturing, development and commercialisation costs. The Progenza deal includes around $27M in upfront and milestone payments, with future royalties on future Progenza sales. That alone makes this a very de-risked biotech play. The company and Kyocera are aiming to have progenza on the shelves by 2024. Imo the company is highly undervalued at the moment and is flying under the radar, this could sit dormant for many months or even years. Fundamentals are strong, management are business focused and are building a long term business which will provide a lot of value for their share holders. There are many biotech companies on the asx which are valued 10x-20x more than RGS which make little to no revenue, views are my own DYOR.
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Added a straw in #Bull Case for Regeneus Ltd
4 months ago
#Bull Case

Regeneus company focuses on improving pain management of patients, the company does this by using regenerative medicine (stem cells). This is achieved by interrupting the inflammatory cascade that leads to pain.

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

            - Pain, 1.5 billion people suffer from pain and 50% report inadequate pain relief

            - Osteoarthritis, 240M sufferers globally, expected to be a ~US$4bn market by 2026.

Their R&D partners include Monash Uni, Uni of Adelaide, UNSW, University of Tech Sydney and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore.


Cellular therapy that targets pain/inflammation through the use of Secretome, this improves both resident tissue and Mesenchymal Signalling Cells (MSCs) aka the stem cells.

Progenza’s mechanism of actions turns inflammatory immune cells into anti-inflammatory cells, thereby addressing inflammation at its source. In turn this downregulates pain-causing signals and repairs damaged tissues, such as cartilage tissue, commonly found in joints such as knees and elbows

- Progenza completed Phase 1 of trials for knee osteoarthritis and showed that a single injection into the knee was safe and tolerable. Progenza showed significant, rapid and sustained reductions in knee pain for OA patients. The treatment showed positive signs of disease modification, showing no deterioration in the joint following the injection.

- Progenza OA phase 2 trials will be progressed soon as per 4C (30/10/20)

- Progenza got positive pre-clinical trial results in treating neuropathic pain, company looking to advance to phase 1 trial as per 4C (30/10/20)

- The company is aiming to have Progenza commercialised and on shelves in Japan for OA by 2023-2024.

Kyocera Progenza Deal

- Company recently signed a collaboration and licencing agreement with Kyocera, a Japanese company with a $21bn Market Cap. (13/8/20)

- The Progenza deal includes around $27M in upfront and milestone payments, with future royalties on future Progenza sales

- Japan with it’s ageing population has an estimated osteoarthritis patient population of around 26 million and the numbers are sharply increasing every year.

- This deal is exclusively for development and commercialisation of Progenza for knee osteoarthritis in Japan. Kyocera will fund manufacturing, development and commercialisation costs


-  Sygenus is a cell-free topical (Topical meaning that it can be applied to a particular place on the body, an example can be creams that are applied to the skin) serum and gel treatment for pain and inflammation derived from Adipose MSCs. Sygenus reduces pain and inflammation, while accelerating tissue healing and repair. Its safety and tolerability have been confirmed in human pilot studies.

- The activity of Secretome gives Sygenus a significant advantage as a topical application to not only provide long lasting relief from the sensation of pain but modifying the cause of the pain.

- In 2017 Sygenus showed to be more potent and had a longer lasting effect on pain than morphine in a preclinical study.

- As per 4C(30/10/20) There should be a new patent to be granted in the US, expanding the tech into Aesthetics Therapeutic market. This patent covers a wide range of non-inflammatory skin conditions with adipose-derived cell secretions. (Age spots, wrinkles, and other age-related conditions through to 2032)


- Around $1.7M revenue FY2020

- Market Capitalisation of $38M @ 12.5 cents

- 277,824,988 million shares on issue

- With recent payment from Kyocera of $5.6M, the loan facilities have been cancelled meaning comp is Debt free. 4C(30/10/20)

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